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How do I get this goodness in me?

Below are direct links to the album on some popular digital download and streaming services.  If you don't see your favorite listed, look anyway, they probably have it.  If they don't, please use our contact page and let us know!  Oh, and click here for lyrics and credits.

Bandcamp for the win!

We are frequently asked which method of purchase helps us the most.  Hands down, the answer is Bandcamp, but any method that gets it in your ears is alright by us!

Digital Downloads



It's 2018 for crying out loud. Where are the vinyl LPs and plastic discs burnt with a frickin laser?!

Short answer: We don't have any at this time.  

We are currently evaluating a crowd-funding effort to take pre-orders for discs - and possibly even vinyl. If you want to stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook, or sends us an email from our contact page.

Long answer: Yeah, we would like to have them too.

The members of this band grew up in the '70s. Back then, other than the radio, physical objects were the only way to consume music. When we weren't just sitting there staring at the speakers while the music played (no computers, or cellphones - remember?), we were looking at the glorious album artwork, reading the lyrics along with the music, and puzzling over which guitar player in the band played the mellow octave leads (except, of course, for The Grand Illusion)

Reading the liner notes in the '70s raised a lot of significant questions for a fourteen-year-old. What does a producer do? What's the difference between mixing and mastering? Is the hurdy-gurdy a real thing, or are they just messing with us? This was decades before Google, so unless your mom was suckered into buying the Encyclopedia Britannica from a door to door salesman, with a bad haircut and a twinkle in his eye - it was super hard to find definitive answers. Yet there was something magical, or even mysterious, about not knowing. Sometimes, I miss not knowing things... 

OK old man, quit yakking on about the stone ages! I really want a CD!

The above yakking is to show that we are not being all, "Hey man, it's 2018 and physical media is dead. Get with the program and download the bits from the interwebs. Save the trees and wildlife by not requiring packing and shipping...

While we've never clubbed any baby seals, we aren't all that altruistic either. In fact, it's just pure economics. The reality is; if you are an indie band that doesn't play many shows, and you order a bunch of CDs or Vinyl - the odds are pretty high that you'll end up with boxes of unsold stuff in your mom's basement.  

It's hard to compete with YouTube and Streaming music services that essentially give your product away for free. And when you're competing with a free service, you have to think twice about investing the kind of money it takes, to produce the packaging that the music (and more importantly, the fans) deserve. 

We believe that you DO deserve the best, and we would welcome your input on this… In the meantime, please enjoy the digital bits, and help spread the word!

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest and support!