We came from space

Four guys travelling the universe and saving rock and roll

Your future is our past.  Your wildest dreams were our daily routine.  The food that sustains your children was fertilized in our….. Not important, really.  We’ve been out there; to the coldest, darkest corners of the universe.  We’ve walked upon the moons of planets yet to be discovered by government-sanctioned space programs (like having matching space suits and rockets that don’t run on chicken fat makes your mission all “official”, and your dad “forgot” about you burning down the garage). 

Our mission… our very reason for being… was to travel the cosmos, meet its peoples, and find out what unites us all.  Our crew has danced the sacred dance of the Zelb on Krit, drank the elixir of the Luurgites, sat at the feet of the Priestesses of Polmar, went back and drank more Luurgite Elixir, traded all of the chicken fat for just one last little taste of Luurgite Elixir, did a 30 day in-patient program to kick Luurgite Elixir, relapsed a couple of times (that stuff is REALLY good), and broke bread with the President of Niffus. All in the name of music and fellowship. Our findings can be found wherever findings are found.  For that, you will need top-security clearance to the most clandestine paramilitary installations and a current library card.  Or, you can listen to the album.  

We Came From Space found that emotion is the common thread that keeps us all from blowing away in the wind.  From Jupiter’s Wizzling Tribes, to nomads of the Crab Nebula, to the Lizard People of Tantar, the Lizard People of Milt, the Lizard People of Sipplun 5.  There are so many Lizard People out there*.  We thought that we’d meet a few, but Holy Crap! Lizard People are the predominant species in the universe!  So…. Many…. Lizard….. People…. Our module would be landing on a remote planet and we’d all be like, “No way could there be Lizard People here, right”?  Then, woosh, the bay door would open and what do you know, Lizard People there to greet us! 

Back to the common thread of emotion and the fabric of the universe.   We’ve all been up and we’ve all been down.  We’ve all fallen in love and we’ve all felt the sting of loss or betrayal.  Many, many like me have sold all of the chicken fat for a short bottle of Luurgite Elixir, except for Lizard People who never touch the stuff, because they’re so much better than everyone else.  Lizard People…. Every one of us, from every corner of every planet, has a song in our heart (or molecular converter.  I’m talking to you Pudling Gratz!) and a story to tell.  If you can possibly manage the time, please listen to both sides of our story at one sitting.

And remember: We Came From Space so that you don’t have to!

The Band

*But come on! Even on planets pretty near good ol’ Mother Earth, we would have some meeting with the Council of Interplanetary whatever, and the Grand Pooh-Bah type would say, “we have very special guests joining us for the ceremony.” And we’d be all like, “It’s probably Lizard People, but act surprised, and nobody roll their eyes, because they are really observant and even the littlest eye roll upsets them.” Trumpets would sound and curtains would be drawn back and what do you see? Sure enough… Lizard People. I mean, they’re fine and everything. And they’re not actual lizard-people hybrids or anything of the sort. They’re close cousins of the RayKon gill breathers of SpearLiun, but when you’ve got a belly full of Luurgite Elixir and you first see one, your brain goes LIZARD PEOPLE and that is pretty much what you refer to them as from that point on. And they have wicked good hearing too! If you even whisper, “oh great, more Lizard People. Who would have expected more Lizard People?”, they can hear it, and then it’s a thing, but it’s not a thing because they are all really pretty cool, but you know it’s a thing and you were kinda drunk and just should have kept your mouth shut. So…. Many…… Lizard….. People….